3 Pack CN/GP/SG

  • Citrus Noon Effervescent, shiny and fresh with a citrusy orange base and a tonic bubble effect.
  • Gentle Paloma A ripe plum with green notes sparkles over a heart of cherry blossom and freesia, with sensual undertones of musk and sandalwood.
  • Spicy GingerAle Ginger is mixed with a spicy cardamom. Musk, cedar wood and a touch of amber give this scent a sensual dry down
A flush of our cleaning spray and with just a few seconds, your hands will be free of germs. Perfect for everyday situations. Every HAAN sanitizer contributes to 134 liters of drinkable water in underdeveloped countries. This mix pack includes Citrus Noon, Gentle Paloma and Spicy GingerAle.

KWD 7.0

7.0 KWD